Site content

Content for your website can be a daunting request and is often the factor that puts a business owner off either having a site or updating an older one.  It is important to follow the rules of Search Engine Optimisation as you add or change content also.

It is usually simple to gather relevant text from many sources, including looking at what your competitors may have but, not copying it of course. Stock images can be sought until you can get your own together.

Pixel Vista has successfully aided many businesses to collate their text and images, write new text based on their business type and compile draft blog articles.

Blogs, or as some people prefer to call them, eMagazines or News, are a very useful tool for driving traffic from the social networks to your site.

Great content that changes and evolves with your business can bring repeat visitors and a lower bounce rate (leave the site immediately).  The trend for the past few years is to have less text, more graphics, social network links and a blog/eMagazine area.  In the blog your potential clients can find more detailed information about your company, the services it offers and even relevant help and advice that doesn’t necessarily sell your service but relates to it.