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Emergency WordPress Support

NEED HELP? If there is something wrong or not working on your Wordpress site Pixel Vista can get it up and running again. 18 years of experience means quick identification of issues and their remedies. HACKED If your site has been hacked we can lock it down for you and…


Virtual PDF Business Card

QR Code to scan Logo link to your website Telephone number that dials Email with subject line A link to your website Social network links Link anything! Create larger size directory Click here to email Pixel Vista PDF Virtual Business Card with QR Code, clickable links to open a new…

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Wordpress Training Henley on Thames 1

WordPress & Woocommerce Training

AVAILABILITY Mon 4:00 - 9:00PM Wed 2:00 - 9:00PM Thu 2:00 - 9:00PM Please get in touch for in person & group training Pixel Vista Training Packages can meet any level you require.  We even include one year of annual hosting with free domain name and email addresses if you…

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site design

Web Design – Sites

Firstly Pixel Vista encourages you to buy your own Dedicated Wordpress hosting from companies such as Bluehost, or Siteground.  The reason for this is to adhere Pixel Vista's ethos to keep you as the client in control of your hosting at all times and will pay less too.Once you have…

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eCommerce Site Design & Admin

Have you ever wanted to start an online shop?  Perhaps you have been selling your products on eBay and want to explore transferring your success and release yourself from the seller fees? There are many eCommerce solutions out there and once the complex workings of the one you chose starts…

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SEO & Site Submission

 Pixel Vista works with a popular, easy to use free plugin called Yoast.  Once installed it takes you through a wizard.  It will synchronise to your Google Search Console account which in turn enables Google Analytics so you can track visitors.  You will need to open a Google Webmasters account…

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Site Text, Blogs & Content

Content for your website can be a daunting request and is often the factor that puts a business owner off either having a site or updating an older one.  It is important to follow the rules of Search Engine Optimisation as you add or change content also.It is usually simple…

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print graphics

Print Graphics

Business Cards Appointment Cards Greetings Cards Postcards Invitations Brochures Flyers Headed Paper Compliment Slips Vista Print Moo Cards All stationary graphics are provided so you can use your own local printers or an online printer service of your choice.All we need to know is what size, what format and what…

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Photoshop Services

Photoshop Services can mean so many different things from one person to the next.  The famous software has even become a verb due to the impact it has had on our lives and especially social media as people "photoshop" their images before sharing them to the world.Depending on your requirements…

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