eCommerce website design

Have you ever wanted to start an online shop?  Perhaps you have been selling your products on eBay and want to explore transferring your success and release yourself from the seller fees?

There are many eCommerce solutions out there and once the complex workings of the one you chose starts to become clear, you realise how you add your products and fill your site with content is critical to your products being found and purchased.

For example- Delivery and shipping settings are one of the most important aspects to get spot on and if you don’t, it could signal the end before you get off the ground.  Ever wondered why dietary supplements purchased online are often in flat bottles? This is so they can be posted through your letterbox therefore saving £££s on shipping costs.

  • Installation of WordPress & Woocommerce
  • Online shop design
  • Relevant GDPR
  • Shipping settings
  • Product image resizing & cropping
  • White space around product images
  • Realistic repetitive product mockups
  • Custom category images
  • Shop banner design
  • Custom advert images
  • Administration of products
  • Legal texts such as T & Cs
  • Training for Woocommerce
  • Facebook advert posts
  • Product labels
  • Advice on packaging
  • Local Networking Links