Firstly Pixel Vista encourages you to buy your own Dedicated WordPress hosting from companies such as Bluehost, or Siteground.  The reason for this is to adhere Pixel Vista’s ethos to keep you as the client in control of your hosting at all times and will pay less too.

Once you have this the design process can start.

Advice over which provider is given at the time of purchase because great deals are usually available depending on the market.  The initial outlay for hosting should be between £80 and £140 only.  Once this is determined your site can be installed, designed and populated with your input.  Pixel Vista charge an hourly rate with a minimum set of hours plus a ceiling amount so you know the project will not go over budget.  Any extras like SEO Services and analytics can be discussed and added too. 

Oceanwp Theme with Elementor Page Editor are our go to theme and plugin and, are FREE.  If you need more razzle dazzle features then there are Pro versions.

We don’t send you endless forms to complete about designpreferences and tell you specifications that bamboozle.  Conversations and other site comparisons can easily relay the finished look you prefer.

Web Design in this portfolio includes templates, WordPress Woocommerce designs and a few concepts. Web Banners and other elements can be designed to add to any site via it’s content management system (CMS) in order to give a fresh new look, or improve on an existing one so don’t think you have to have a brand new site.

Please note that our clients are always left in full control of their own site after training, so they change their site because they have found confidence.  For this reason, I have not included links to the designs below, but can provide a list if required and original design images.