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One common pitfall in website development is the initial quotation and specifications. I can provide comprehensive advice by explaining technical terms and ensuring you understand the project scope clearly. This means you know that your developers are going to build your website the right way from the beginning and for the right price. 

Is your website development hitting roadblocks, leaving you lost in jargon, delayed launches and miscommunications?  Sometimes 

Have you received multiple quotes (or just one) and need an experienced opinion? 

Have you been locked out of your site and/or your developer is not responding?

All website projects begin with enthusiasm and a clear path to launch but sometimes things go wrong and communication fails.  This can be costly in extra hours and more paid features you were not expecting, as well as lost potential revenue.  Your developer may be running at a loss too.

I can help you decipher what is going on and tell you what you can do about getting back on track by auditing your site issues, liaising with your developer or in some cases, help you jump ship.

Here are some of the items I generally look at during an audit:

  • Design – Web Design isn’t just about how something looks, it’s about how it responds in different browsers and devices. 
  • Deadlines – How is the deadline looking and what are the delays.
  • Developer Demeanour – You can tell quite a bit about the developers from what has been done to date and how. 
  • Original Quote and Specification – Under or over priced, unrealistic, changes that have been made, acceptable delays, acceptable extra costs.
  • Accountability – Who is responsible for delays and extra costs.
  • Remediation Works – Ascertain what can be salvaged and if the developer can and will be able to fulfil a target date with or without direction.
  • Site Safety and the Law – Data security, cookie and privacy compliance.
  • Accessibility and the Law – This is for people who have visual or physical difficulties, i.e. easy to read, to navigate and find information.  Search engines score this too.
  • Features – For example visitors should be able to register and find paying for your products or services faultless.
  • Emails – Notifications are being sent out for contact forms, registrations, password resets and purchases.
  • SEO – Best practice Organic SEO has been implemented during construction.  e.g. Key words and phrases employed in hidden areas of the content.
  • Hosting – Hosting is the correct specification and you are not being overcharged.
There are many other checks that are carried out which will all be reported to you by email with a verbal explanation of each issue too.  Then we can talk about the best way forward for you and your developer.

Reach out today if you need help and advice, from inception to a successful launch.