Pixel Vista is a WordPress Website Design and Web/Print Graphics rocket launcher 

Established in 2004 and experienced in many industry sectors  Pixel Vista provides businesses with a clear trajectory to the net. Dedicated to keeping costs down whilst delivering smart, compelling websites and graphics.

With a friendly, professional and measured approach, your web and graphic requirements can be fulfilled faster because they’re all provided under one roof.

Pixel Vista aims to keep you and your business in control of your WordPress Website Design, Social Networking, Logo & Web Graphics.  To do this we encourage purchasing of your own web hosting package, domain name, site theme and software licenses. Gone are the days when you had to leave everything to the developer and were tied to any one service.


  • WordPress is FREE to install so you can save £££s.
  • It can be easily customised.
  • WordPress is SEO friendly.
  • Functionality is via easy installed plugins.
  • WordPress is safe and secure.
  • It can handle different media types.
  • It is social media friendly.
  • WordPress is for almost all site types.
  • Endless online support groups and tutorials.

Is your site Compliant?

The new GDPR laws can be confusing and there are many ways to make sure your site is compliant.  If you answer “NO” to two or more of the questions below, it is likely you are in need of updating your site features:

  • Do you have an SSL Certificate?
  • Do you have a Cookie Banner for visitors to accept your cookies?
  • Do you have an easy to find Cookie Policy listing all cookies on your site?
  • Do you have an easy to find Privacy Policy?
  • Do your contact forms have a checkbox to accept submitting visitor contact details?
  • Did your subscribers resubscribe after updating your GDPR policies before the 25th May 2019?
  • Do you have a security plugin installed to block possible hack attacks and to scan for malware?
  • Is it clear how visitors can contact you about what data you hold on them?